Throughout my academic career, I have been fascinated by the individual and how they develop and change with time. My education taught me to bring an interdisciplinary approach to everything I study, and this has honed my ability to think critically and view a problem from various angles before tackling it.

Curriculum Vitae

PhD candidate
Nov 2016 - current

Interdisciplinary Center Psychopathology and Emotion regulation | University Medical Center Groningen | University of Groningen | Groningen, NL

Working title: Mapping individual change trajectories during psychological treatment: how can we best anticipate improvements in depressive symptoms over time?

Topic: idiographic change in depression, particularly mood and symptom improvement during treatment captured as intensive longitudinal data. My PhD focuses on understanding psychopathology from a complex dynamical systems conceptualization, and one of the core questions I hope to answer, is whether early warning signals can be useful in detecting large symptom improvements in patients receiving treatment for depression.

Promotors: Prof. dr. M. Wichers & Prof. dr. A. J. Oldehinkel

Co-promotors: Dr. Evelien Snippe & Dr. L. F. Bringmann

Research Master Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience
Sep 2013 - Aug 2015

Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience | Maastricht University | Maastricht, NL

Specialization in Psychopathology

Dissertation title: Daily life social engagement and theory of mind in schizophrenia.
Examination of social cognition and real life social functioning in psychosis patients and healthy controls.
Supervised by Dr. A.-K. Fett.

Research Internship
Nov 2014 - July 2015

Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience | King's College London | London, UK

Topic: investigation of social dysfunction and trust in schizophrenia using fMRI and experience sampling methodology.
Supervised by Dr. A.-K. Fett and Prof. S. Shergill.

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences
Sep 2010 - Aug 2013

University College Utrecht | Utrecht University | Utrecht, NL
Major in Psychology and a Minor in Philosophy and a Minor in Methods & Statistics

Dissertation title: Searching for Selfhood: the evolutionary road of the human mind.
Multidisciplinary literature research on consciousness and self-awareness in light of human brain evolution.
Supervised by Dr. F. A. C. Wiegant.

Exchange semester
Aug 2012 - Dec 2012

Nanyang Technological University | Singapore, SG

Courses taken at NTU counted towards the UCU curriculum.

Skills and competences

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I speak Dutch and English fluently, and I have a reasonable reading comprehension of German, French and Spanish.

I am also fluent in nonsense and sarcasm.


I write most of my scripts in R, but I have worked with Python, STATA, SPSS, MPlus, and Matlab as well.

Transferable skills

Creative problem-solving, detail-oriented, skilled at clarifying what is needed to make a decision.
Excellent written and spoken communication.
A flexible, empathetic team mate, who listens, and is willing and able to lead when needed.
Able to plan and keep organised, but also able to pivot priorities under time pressure.

Overall, a curious, motivated student of everything, with a sense of humour.